Fitness Consulting

Mr Trushel has lived the healthy fitness lifestyle for over 30 years now. He was a competitive Body Builder from 1985-1989 retiring from competition about the same time as graduation ASU in order to pursue his career in Accounting. By the time of his retirement from competition he had won or placed in the following State and National competitions and was on the 1989 “Video Action” version of the top 20 up and coming Heavyweight Amature Body Builders in the country:

  • 1986 Mr Phoenix 1st Place Heavyweight Division
  • 1988 Mr Arizona 1st Place Heavyweight Division and Overall Winner
  • 1989 Collegiate Nationals (Union City New Jersey) 1st Place Heavyweight Division
  • 1989 Jr Nationals (Memphis Tennessee) 7th Place Heavyweight Division (Over 50 competitors all State Champions)

Below is a picture from each contest






Hank has managed to maintain his physique since retirement form competition despite a very busy work schedule and social life. He has a strong belief in the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making your health a priority of some sort especially in the later years. Mr. Trushel is adept and experienced at re hab and training around injuries as well. The “Complete Shoulder Replacement” below was done less than  2 years prior the following 3 pictures today. Because he walks and talks the importance of a healthy lifestyle he is asked all the time how to get in shape, tighten up, loose some waistline or build some muscle. Because of this this page and service was begun.

Below are current pictures of  Mr. Trushel and the shape he maintains today over 20 Years Later using the EXACT system of <= 1 Hour per day outlined in the video at the bottom of the page and were taken less than 2 years of his own “Complete Shoulder Replacement” performed by Dr Jason J Scalise MD of the Core Institute.






What services are available and their cost (GIFT CERTIFICATES FOR FAMILY & FRIENDS AVAILABLE ! ) give the GIFT of Health :)

$ 50   One Hour Fitness Consulting (by appointment only)

$100  Two Hour’s Fitness Consulting (by appointment only) includes diet and exercise program and discussion

$175  Two Hour’s Fitness Consulting (by appointment only) includes diet and exercise program and discussion including a trip to a gym and walking you through the exercises

$500  You become my training partner for 90 minutes of very fast high rep high intense training every other day and eat like I do for 30 days. If you make it you will make UNBELIEVABLE progress PERIOD. There are some stipulations (e.g. can’t affect my gym time or slow me down, must become member of the gym I am at). I am not going to just take your $. I must be convinced you are serious with a POSSIBILITY of success.

I created the following exercise / personal training video which was produced at the end of my Body Building competition phase as I was transitioning into my career in Accounting.  I designed it specifically to maintain my physique while having a busy work schedule with < = One Hour per Day of a Time Investment for the busy professional.  I am in same shape as those days except smaller using this method (easily outlined) in my mid to late 40’s. I have a letter from Jane Fonda’s company of her extreme interest in the idea back then.






Video is available for $25 plus $5 shipping and handling. There will be a CD version available by the end of April 2013. Use PayPal on Pay My Bill page and send an email of the exact mailing address of where to mail the video. Please allow 6-10 days for receipt. MAKES A GREAT GIFT

I only do consulting but if people need the actual hand holding of the Personal Trainer I have two people I refer to that are THE ABSOLUTE BEST IN THE BUSINESS One is a Pro Bodybuilder the other has degrees in Sports nutrition and physiology. Both have been doing it for over 30 years, not the 25 year old with a certification and not in shape him/herself.